How To Enrol Your Child

Prior to completing an enrolment form, prospective parents are encouraged to book a school tour to see if the environment is the right one for them and their child / ren. Once the tour is complete, and the parent finds the school satisfactory for their requirements, an enrolment form is provided.

If you have any queries, please contact the School Administrator on 9954 0344, or book a school tour with our Enrolment Officer, Vicki Allison on 0420 409 972.

In order to enroll their children, parents must become Members of the Cameragal Montessori School and maintain yearly Membership while their children are on the waiting list or attending the school. All Members receive the regular Newsletter, have access to the Parent Library and may attend the Parent Education evenings.

When the school receives a request for enrolment, a Cameragal Montessori School Membership Form and an Enrolment Form for each child are sent out. Both Enrolment and Membership forms should be returned with the appropriate fees to the Enrolment Manager to secure a place on the waiting list.

The waiting list is often long and the selection criteria include the order of enrolment, sibling rights, age/sex balance of the class and parent commitment to the school’s philosophy. Please also note that as vacancies are limited in most years, Cameragal is obliged to give first consideration to the residents and workers in the North Sydney Local Government Area.

The Enrolment Manager will contact parents in the year preceding their child turning three years of age to advise acceptance to the school. Observation of the classroom by a parent attending for one hour is strongly recommended before a child commences at the school. Arrangements should be made by contacting the School Office.

One general waiting list is maintained for all three classes. As places become available offers are made. Preferences as to class are noted but cannot be guaranteed.