The Cameragal Difference

Choosing the right school is a big decision that has a big impact on your child’s future.

Despite there being more than a hundred pre and primary schools in the surrounding area, Cameragal is the only registered Montessori school in the lower north shore.

Our approach to education goes beyond merely ticking off curriculum requirements – we believe our responsibility is to use early education opportunities to build confident, resilient and open-minded young adults with a positive lifelong relationship towards themselves, their environment and learning.

To do this, we use proven Montessori principles, based on intense scientific observation of thousands of children over 100 years, perfected in over 22,000 schools worldwide, and thoughtfully updated to reflect the needs of Australian children and NSW education standards.

We invite you to download our latest prospectus or find out more with a Guided Campus Tour. We’ve also compiled a few reasons for you to consider entrusting Cameragal with the development of your children.

Your child achieves outcomes beyond the curriculum

On completion of our programs, our students have not only reached NESA outcomes  – but they have also been given practical, hands-on experiences that build their emotional intelligence, self-confidence, respect for others, resilience, responsibility and problem-solving abilities. By embedding these attributes in them at an early age, our education methods set them up for a lifetime of learning.

Your child benefits from fully accredited Montessori teachers

We are the only school in the area with teachers who have completed formal Montessori training and can deliver a true Montessori education, as opposed to just following a Montessori approach.

Your child receives education designed for their developmental levels

Traditional schools group children in classes according to their age, and deliver the same, general content to everyone. We group children in broader categories (0-3, 3-6, 6-12) and optimise lessons for each child based on their development. Not only does this empower children to reach their individual potential, it helps them develop important social skills as they teach and help each other.   

Your child learns collaboration rather than competition

Our environment encourages students to compete with themselves in order to reach their individual potential rather than with each other. This refreshingly supportive approach empowers children to try new activities, persevere when things seem difficult, and continually set and reach new milestones of achievement. Inspiring each other, they develop critical skills in teamwork and leadership and, rather than suffer the negative emotions of win-lose scenarios, they learn to celebrate win-win outcomes and grow in confidence and self-belief. 

Your child benefits from active participation for more effective learning

Rather than simply watching and listening passively to teachers, which can be dispiriting and disengaging, our students are actively involved in lessons, which enables them to learn faster, remember more, and gain a deeper practical understanding of their newfound knowledge.

Your child learns independence and responsibility

We encourage students to set their own learning goals (with teacher guidance), choose practical activities that support those goals, and record and assess their personal progress in a journal. This approach motivates them to learn, gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and develop critical skills that lead to success in higher education and adult life.

Your child enjoys interest-based discovery

Everyone learns more when they are engaged and having fun, so rather than force children to learn textbook content according to a rigid curriculum, we encourage them to explore their world according to their interests. We create activities around these interests to help them reach academic milestones and optimise activities for each child’s natural interests and abilities, so they are fully engaged and learning more effectively.

Your child learns about the world outside the classroom

Traditional classrooms tend to teach one subject at a time, but the real world is more integrated – maths is just as relevant when measuring a woodworking project as it is in a science experiment. Our holistic approach identifies and harnesses the learning opportunities that are all around us to shape skilled creative thinkers and problem solvers.

We would love to show you around.

You are invited to view our teaching methods in action and get a feel for our teachers’ passion and impact at a campus tour.