The Playroom (0-3 Toddler Playgroup)

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The Playroom – 0-3 Toddler Playgroup

Children are curious, eager learners from the day they are born. In fact, their ability to absorb information is greatest during their first 6 years of life.
See how we harness this critical window of time to help your child develop attitudes and patterns of learning that set them up for life.

Cameragal Montessori Infant and Toddler environment is created specifically to support each stage of the child’s development. Our beautifully prepared environment is a neat, orderly, and intimate space that focuses on the development of movement and the refinement of language. It lays the foundation for life as the first three years of life are the most fundamental of children and their potential.

The Parent Toddler Program provides structured, individualised developmental activities that develop:

– basic self-confidence & faith in themselves

– nurturing the child’s urge for independence

– building their self-esteem and confidence

– developing their concentration span

– developing their fine motor skills

The program provides age-appropriate, real-life practical experiences to foster the development of these life skills. 

Peaceful babies Program  (Understanding & caring for your new baby.) – Please contact the office on 9954 0344 for availability and bookings.

Our 8-week Peaceful Babies Program supports you during this life-changing transition, to understand your baby’s development throughout the first six months of their life.

Course Benefits –

  • The importance of the fourth-trimester
  • Bonding & attachment
  • Baby and sleep
  • Why babies cry & how to calm them
  • Infant communication & the development of language
  • The development of movement & the beginning of play
  • Respectful caregiving
  • Feeding your baby & introducing solid food
  • Designing your home for play & movement

0-3 Toddler Communication

  • 1 word by 1-year-old is the general rule of thumb with children’s language development.
  • You are your child’s greatest resource when it comes to language and communication. Your child will watch your mouth avidly when you speak, they are taking in the way in which your lips move in order to form the words. If you are trying to show your child something by demonstrating with your hands, be sure not to speak as they will watch your mouth instead!
  • Naming things in your child’s environment will provide them with a rich source of language.
  • Your baby will enjoy spending time reading books, with you and on their own. Books with 1 or 2 words to a page and simple stories will be most engaging.

0-3 Toddler Movement

Some children learn to walk before their first birthday and others take until 16 months or longer. Your baby will reach each milestone in their own time. The developmental continuum looks like this.

  • New walkers benefit from going barefoot. It provides them with greater sensory feedback and makes it easier to learn how to walk.
  • New walkers tend to fall over. Your child will need a environment which is safe to learn and practice walking in.
  • Young children love learning how to walk up and down stairs, climb hills and run. Safe outdoor spaces will help with this
  • Games such as ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ will help your child develop body awareness.
  • Even if you provide a safe place for your child to practice refining their walking skills, they will probably still fall over. Learning how to fall without injury is a skill and your child will need practice to learn how to catch themselves.

The Playroom – (0-3 Toddler Playgroup) Cameragal Montessori School 
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